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Mustache May 2023

April 28, '23

For Bare Feet has partnered with San Francisco Giants' Austin Slater, LaMonte Wade, Jr., and their teammates for Mustache May 2023 supporting mental health awareness!

Beginning in 2019, several players in the organization started to grow mustaches for the month of May. With May being mental health awareness month and a cause close to the players, they chose to support Bring Change to Mind by creating Mustache May T Shirts with Breaking T, and this year, For Bare Feet is proud to join the campaign with our exclusive Mustache May socks.

Fans who want to support the cause can purchase their Mustache May Socks exclusively on throughout the month of May with a portion of proceeds from every pair of socks going directly to Bring Change to Mind, an organization that works to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

Last year, the campaign garnered attention from fans and local media alike as player's flaunted their facial hair on the field and on social media.

"The fans loved it (in 2021) and really took to it and we thought it was a great opportunity to set up a charity for a worthwhile cause and have the proceeds of the shirts go toward something," Austin Slater told Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports. "With May being mental health awareness month too, it made a lot of sense, and with that being a really important issue right now, it made perfect sense to join with them. It's great to see the support. It's a fun thing to do. I don't think the wives on the team are very happy about it, but hopefully it will get the guys going a little bit and we can have some fun and have it make an impact."

Read more of Alex Pavlovics story on Mustache May in 2022 here.

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