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4 Ways to Keep Your Socks Like New

April 06, '23

What’s worse than putting on your socks in the morning only to see your toes poking out of a gaping hole? Honestly, not much. But let’s be real, socks won’t and can’t last forever. However, there are plenty of ways you can minimize wear and tear to extend the life cycle of your favorite socks.

Purchasing socks from For Bare Feet is an investment in your comfort and style, so we’re sharing our top 4 tips to make them last -

  1. Take Care of Your Feet: One of the most common ways socks can develop holes is from long toenails or rough footbeds. Toenails can often snag the inside of the socks and cause further damage with each wear. Rough heels or footbeds can also cause unwanted friction between your foot and socks. Taking care of your feet, regularly trimming your toenails, and smoothing your heels with a pumice stone or exfoliator will not only keep your socks feeling like new but is also a great general hygiene practice!

  2. Choose Your Socks Properly: For Bare Feet socks are developed to fit a variety of activities and lifestyles, so make sure you’re wearing the right socks for the right occasion. Each of our available socks on has specific product features, materials, and details listed to ensure you’re choosing the sock that is best for you. For example, avoid wearing dress socks with sneakers to the gym and athletic/crew socks without shoes. Without the protection of shoes, socks worn on rough or dirty surfaces such as tile, concrete, and hard floors can cause unwanted damage and wear.

  3. Check the Size and Fit: Along with product details and features, we’ve included a size chart on each product page. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing up, as socks that are too tight will stretch and pull beyond their intended wear and possibly cause holes or damage.

  4. Wash and Launder Carefully: Trust us, we know laundry isn’t fun and we especially know the struggles of keeping track of your socks while doing so! (Sometimes, I swear, they just disappear??) Regardless, we still want you to be happy with your socks which means you might have to be a little more careful when laundering your socks:
        • Wash your socks inside out to preserve the design and colors
        • Toss them in with your delicates or use cold water
        • Line dry, or tumble dry on low, inside out

    Again, we know purchasing For Bare Feet socks is a choice, and we want our customers, YOU, to be 100% satisfied when choosing our socks. If you have further feedback, questions, or concerns, please reach out to customer service at